Ethics statement

MTN Zambia adheres to a culture of sound ethical business conduct that generates economic value for the greater benefit of our communities and stakeholders, in a manner that is both eco-responsible and sustainable.

We operate across a diverse set of geographic, political, regulatory, judicial, socio-economic and cultural contexts, and this poses both opportunity and risk-based challenges as to how we are able to conduct our business of facilitating communications in the digital age.

The global information communication age of innovation is a catalyst for socio-economic development, but the benefits of the rapid development of technology must be balanced with ethical and responsible application. It is our intention to always conduct our business ethically and responsibly, acting to the best of our ability for the greater good of our business and our stakeholders.

We act on our social and ethical statement through:

  • Maintaining a reputation of honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment.
  • Integrating within our business operations internationally-accepted and locally-required responsible business instruments, codes, protocols, standards and guidelines that direct the social and ethical role of businesses within society.
  • Not tolerating any form of illegal or unethical conduct on the part of all of MTN Zambia ‘s employees, leadership and directors, as well as our suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders that may influence our business activities.
  • Remaining informed about the rapidly developing benefits and risks of information and communication innovation, globally, and ensuring that development regarding governance, legalities, policy, technical and business processes and system capabilities evolves accordingly.
  • Constantly improving the quality of our services, products and operations.
  • Working with industry professionals and other forums focused on bringing the benefits of open, affordable and accessible telecommunications and digital information to society.
  • Improving our engagement with our stakeholders in a constructive, dialogue-driven, more transparent manner.

MTN’s ethics culture is a direct result of the conduct and decisions of our employees. All MTN employees are expected to adhere to our ethical standards as expressed through the MTN values of integrity, leadership and relationships.

Our values of innovation and ‘can do’ are achieved with due regard for people and the planet, while profits are a result of consciously understanding, aligning and integrating the various stakeholders’ needs within the diverse markets and geographies we operate in.

We will act with our utmost capacity and scope of influence to continue to achieve our vision of leading a bold new digital world in our markets, in a way that is responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Spotting unethical behaviour

When you spot behaviour that is unethical, please report it to management. You can also report fraud or unethical behaviour anonymously by calling Tip-Offs Anonymous on 7475 or email Learn more on